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In Tashkent on 18-19 October in 2016 there was 43 special session of Minister’s organization of foreign affairs. In accordance with the decision of Islom Karimov Who Was the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan this main occurrence was prepared Well. There were Countries joined to Islam organization, observer Countries and about 300 reprensetives from international organization.

The organization of Islam conference was organized in 1969 on 25 September in the Summit of Islam countries which was in Robot the capital of Marokash. Its main purposes were to create attitude for developing of Islam countries in every side and to help different nations for the piece and harmony. In 2011 on 28 June the name of organization was changed to the Islam organization Nowadays 57 Countries participated in to this organization. The principal Secretariat of Islam organization was located in the Jidda city of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The principal Secretary was elected for 5 years. The principal Secretary is Controlling since 1january 2014. The organization of Islam Corporation is the Subject of international law. Political decisions, economic and other issues will be accepted within the organization. Islamic Summit which is the higher authority of the Organization is taken place once every 3 years. The next important authority is the minister of foreign affairs, its Session was taken place in participated Countries every year. The next session would be held in Tashkent that was decided in 22 Session in Al Kuwait on May in 2015. Uzbekistan participated to Islam organization in 1996. Since then it has been developing in the framework of bilateral corporation under the corporation.

Sabokh Kholid al-Khamid as Sabokh who is the Current chairman of the Minister of foreign affair of Islam organization, the first deputy of prime minister of Kuwait country opened the Session with introductory Word.

Koran Was recited. Cause of our first president Islom Karimovʼ death deep Condolence was expressed.

Acting president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyayev, attended and gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the 43-th session of the Council of ministers of foreign affairs of Islam organization, which started its work in Tashkent.

Shavkat Mirziyayev, in his speech said to participants of the session, that current conference is holding in the land of Uzbekistan where lived our great ancestors, not by a chance. Besides he said the following words.

He said that the motto “Education and enlightenment – is the way for peace and flourishing” was not taken by a chance as a main idea of today’s conference of Islam organization and that it has deep significant sense. For instance he added “The idea is harmonious to the words from hadith «Be in searching of knowledge from birth to death»”. This theme was suggested as a result of deep considerationby the person, who had great life experience and sagacity as a great state leader, by the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, may God bless him, as deep contemplations,  about world nations, about the fate of our nation, about the significance of our holy religion in nowadays’ difficult conditions.

We sure that this session will be an important step in achieving the noble goals in preserving and development of Islamic values, in strengthening of mutual understanding between the Muslim peoples, in providing with sustainable elaboration and in supporting member countries of the organization and in achieving their development.

Definitely our sacred religion is irreplaceable tool in continuing to unite our people, regardless of nationality and language, which leads to spiritual cleansing, peace, kindness, tolerance, mutual respect and harmony. You can see with your own eyes invaluable historical and cultural objects of Samarkand; can directly get acquainted with our peoples’ life, with the activities of our schools, academic lyceums professional colleges and of high educational institutions.

In the end of his speech, Shavkat Mirziyayev, said to the participants of the session: “I’m glad to invite you to the one of the pearls of the East- Samarkand”. You can be acquainted with the occupation of schools, academic lyceums professional colleges and of high educational institutions, you can see the life of our nation, objects concerning to valuables history and culture of Samarkand.”

The ministers of external affairs who are the members of Islamic organization that visited, the heads of special establishments and assistants of organization, special members of the USA, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy’s special representatives in CIO and also the league of UNO, ENCO, Arabic countries, economical cooperative organizations, the council of Cooperation and trust affords in Asia participated and discussed topics on peace, illumination and constructive cooperation.

The minister of external affair in Malaysia Anifa Amin who appreciated changes in our country said: “Every time when I visit Uzbekistan, I’ll be a witness of huge changes, which is the brightest example of the development of the country.

As the result of the great attention to the upbringing of the young generation, educational and scientific life of the country developed. I think that paying the great attention of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the head of ministers of external affairs of CIO to these spheres effects to the educational systems of member countries too.”

Current head of the committee of the ministers of external affairs the country of Kuwait surrendered his authority to Uzbekistan. Till the next session in 2017 of CIO the ministers of external affairs of Uzbekistan will rule this organization.

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