Islom Karimov – the first president of Uzbekistan

islom-karimovA great son of our nation, the first president of Uzbekistan Islom Karimov was the person who had a place in the souls of every citizen, dear and beloved for all the elderly and the young. The leader’s contribution to lead the country towards independence, adding our native land to the list of developed countries and to provide peace and better life conditions will remain as a description of strong love to the nation.
The architect of our independence lived for his nation, for his motherland. He built an independent and prosperous country in order to afford happy and affluent life to every citizen of Uzbekistan without discrimination. His memiry lives in our souls forever reminding to save our independence together, mutually by giving hand to hand.
The initiator of all constructions, prosperity and success Islom Karimov’s support on keeping peace, building a society that the whole world adores will be remembered forever. Protecting poor people giving the status of State language to Uzbek in 1989, acceptance of Independence Declaration of Uzbekistan in 1990, reception of presidential management initially — before all other countries of Soveit Union, creating laws “About religious institutions and” on June 1991, and “About the bases of State Independence of the republic of Uzbekistan” are the results of wise politics and incomparable braveness of the president.
Speaking shortly, the main principals of the way of growth called “Uzbek model of development” which are now used as mottos like “Uzbekistan is a state with great future”, “Independence is knowing rights”? “Do not destroy an old house before building a new one”, “Changes are not for changes, but for humans”, “Uzbek nation will never be dependent to anyone”, “Let’s give independent and prosperous country to the next generation” were born not in calm cabinets, but as a result of conflicts, endless arguments, bitter life experience.
Having a strong desire to improve the situation in the country, considering economic and social sides before changing the outlook of the nation, the head of the country found the issue of giving land to people as the most important task. Islom Karimov was very hardworking, the person who could decide wisely on time. Entering the souls of the public, feeling the dreams, wishes, pains and problems gave the president a chance to tell the most essential and correct words even in difficult and hard periods.
Islom Karimov’s strong intelligence and wide thinking, his meaningful words and expressions functioned as a source of mental power and moral base.
The reason of endless love and respect of nation towards the president is not his high position, but his historical works that were fulfilled as a head of the state and his life spent for his nation, for his country. He declared in one of his speeches: “I consider working for the happiness of the nation as a meaning of my life. I have no life, no purpose but this”. Islom Karimov proved his words with his practical contributions.
Never, in no country independence is gained easily. Feeling this truth, our nation finds the contributions of Islom Karimov to the nation priceless. Care and braveness of the head of the country can be a good life experience for all of us.
If we speak with the words of Islom Karimov, in that panic period, we had just small wheat and flour sources enough for 10-15 days, the country was on the entrance of famine. Islom Karimov managed being self-confident, calm, patient, showing strong political will and saved the country from scarcity.
Our dear President in his a lot of works like “Uzbekistan: on the entrance of XXI century”, “Uzbekistan is a state with great future”, “Working for the happiness and great future of our country is the highest contentment” predicted the life after 20-25 years and gave his opinions about social – economic development of our country, keeping safety in the region. We are the people who can see that wide range of changes have positively results in these days. Especially, peace, friendship between different nations and religions have been established, economics has grown, people’s life conditions became better, Uzbekistan’s value and esteem has improved through the world.
According to the assist and initiatives of our dear President a great deal of attention were paid to develop religious side in our country. Being a head of the government, he gave masjids and madrasahs, unique historical sources back to Muslims. Complexes of our great ancestors like “Hazrati Imom”, “Imom Buhari”, “Bahouddin Nakshband”, “Imom Moturudi”, “Imom Termezi”, “Hakim Termezi”, “Ahmad al-Fergani” were built and became popular not only in Uzbekistan, but in the world. Beautiful and magnificent masjids have been built in our capital – Tashkent city and in other regions of our country. In 2007 Tashkent was announced as a capital of Islamic culture.
All the facilities have been created for celebrating Kurban and Ramadan Eid holidays widely, in the years of independence more than 110 000 citizens have been fulfilled “haj” duty and more than 90 000 people have been to “umrah” travels.
Our dear President had a great trust to religious people, imam-hatibs and marked our place and tasks in the society. For instance, in the conversation with religious people and members of the society in the park “Shahidlar xotirasi” the President gave his opinions about social and political issues in addition to urgent problems that should be solved and mentioned the tasks of imam-hatibs.
Muhammed (s.a.v.) declared: “When a person dies, his all good actions stop, but there are three inputs that never stop. They are – sadakai joriya, useful knowledge and a good child” (Imam Buhari).
Sadakai joriya – is the input that people always feel effort. Namely, constructing beneficial buildings, masjids, madrasahs, educational institutions, roads and bridges and other such kind of worthwhile works is considered to be sadakai joriya. In the years of independence, hundreds of old masjids and madrasahs have been reconstructed by the initiative of our President. “Minor” masjid in Tashkent has been a gift to our nation and the next generation.
Useful knowledge –is giving someone affordable science and vocation as well as creating opportunities for study, building schools and madrasahs. As a head of the government, our dear President reformed the educational system. Educational institutions have been built and constructed modern buildings. The world has recognized our educational sphere.
For our beautiful life and prosperous living conditions we are glad to our President and his memory will live in our souls forever.

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