4363On account of independence, as the result of passing the economy to multifunctional economy, the share of small business and private discretion on (yalpi) internal product is raised to 56,6%. The 78% of working population are busy in this field. Fortunately, new extra vacants being made by businessmen are organizing in outskirts of the villages too. Strong legal fundamentals based on developing private ownership and discretion and small business, wide opportunities and convinient circumstances for the representatives of this field are made in our country.
In fact, The Decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan which accepted on October,5 in current year named “About/On additional measures on providing discretion, protecting private property and improving circumstances of business” raises the quality of affairs in this field .
The aforementioned Decree includes all sides of discretion functions as business, the improvement of discretion quality, protecting legal rights of businessmen.
In the Decree it was mentioned to abolish of all types of searches out of plan prohibition of subject activities, all types of counter searches around criminal actions from the beginning of 2017,January,1 were considered which was an important step forbidding to groundless interference for discretions subject activities. At the moment it is decided to use the most aggressive resorts of punishing in the form of administrative, criminal or disciplined for the causer workers in the case of distributing to the state agents or institutes affairs contradictionary and to prevent them normal working. Controlling organs don’t possess the right of orginizing controlling except the plan. They are kept limited chance of a short period checking on the basis of adress about breaking laws documents of only physical and judical humans. Such controlling can be conducted according to decision of Republic council only and controlling period is limited daily work.
The order means that if business subjects which broke the order for the first time while doing financial economical actions and the staff of business subjects and the people who began doing business acts without being registered on state organizations have paid for the demagers which they did or have stopped breaking rules, they will be out of all types of responsibilities. Besides they aren’t punished with stopping them doing business.
One of the important news which organized by order is about the laws of prudence people and defending lawful benefits in order to prevent representative institutions at the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Foreign experience it through, enterpreneurship entities legal do defence assurance, state system’s with relations their concerns expression representative institute takes important place. Aforementioned institutes organisational of the discretion entities’ rights and legal concern prevent way of life laws fulfilment on parliament observation forms strengthen important cause to be testing.
Developing intensively the private business activities to implement the rules of Decree , ensuring the program of complex measures, considering to implement 42 clear actions.. According to the 5main branches about protecting private ownership and to improve the quality of business activities environment shows how important the critical and practical pecularities of this document.
Particularly, to build legal bases of measures against corruption , to destroy administrative obstacles of country and business mutual colloboration to use country resources openly and on the bases of common in applying transparent and several laws in order to be liberal the legality, including “About measures against corruption”, “About administrative orders”, “About purchasing country”, “About partnership between country and privacy ” in them accepting several new laws. It is being considered submitions tolaws as “About controlling actions of economy lead subjects” , the crime codex , about responsibility, the tax codex, and several branches that belong to other laws.
This program planned to strenghen defending the legal benefits of businesses and their employees by the way of transferring step by step functions and powers regarding the application of administrative sunctions by judicial Authority.
In general Decree is the most important normative document according to its degree and meaning that excepted in recent years in this field. In fact implementation of this decree will be the basis of developing economy faster and preventing administrative ideas and artificial obstacles on the way of developing economy.
Additionally it is important to work on strong measures and compose systematic, complex and high skilled legal documents based on the Decree by Deputies and legality organizations.
All above mentioned are intended to develop, lead to the new stage the economical reforms began by I.A.Karimov who is the first president of the republic of Uzbekistan and to provide consistency of it as the result it serves to provide the benefits and well-being of the whole community and every citizen.

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