Once, on May, 28th, 2010, I have spent 8 days to India. It was the hot season. And that happens with me in America, was contrast.
On January, 26th, 2010. New York. Brooklyn. At the airport I have seen, how it is snowing: at me it was cheered up. In Tashkent snow weren`t, so it there was a New Year`s gift from the sky! But in some hours the blizzard has begun. Weather has sharply worsened.
To Brooklyn it was necessary to go still half an hour. We have stopped at roadside small restaurant to have a bite. Have eaten a sushi.
But when left restaurant, the car has been covered by snow.
Thank God, have reached to apartment of my friend, and snow and hasn`t stopped. This evening me have invited to a New Year`s party.
Has gone. All is excellent: music, dances, whisky… I have met several fellow countrymen. When it was necessary to go already on houses, in the street there was no car! Where all of them have got to?
All have started to search for the cars. My friend, by the way, he very well-known sportsman and the actor (in Uzbekistan), it too has found the car and wanted to bring up me to the house.
There were some more acquaintances among visitors.
They are a pity for leaving too. Especially they women. Have hardly warmed up the car. Have passed only 200 meters, and the streamer further has begun and we became. In the street it is cold, as in the Hello. For five minutes pushed the car and dug out road, were then heated in the car! Have solved, it is necessary to leave the car here and to go on foot. The friend to me has told that at his apartment today it is a lot of people, and has asked fellow countrywoman to remain with it.
In this time wasn`t interesting to me, with whom I will remain, if only there was a warm bed and all! We have gone on foot, as a caravan. Wanted to call from the automatic machine in car-care center, but it didn`t work! In a caravan I was the leader! The first time in America, the first day the present cold which for 27 years I never tested!
Both sang, and laughed to distract! A coat has already dressed on a head! Have passed kilometer, and I have heard cry… Has seen young fellow countrywoman. It was as the «princess of Ice”! I ask: All is normal?
Has hardly caught its answer: «Yes!” Has looked back — it is visible nothing. I have found out that friends have lagged behind, and we go together. It is good that she knew where to go. I ask: Now we turn? — No. And approximately through 3 kilometers. — Here a traffic light. — Still isn`t present. 3 More traffic lights! -O, my God!
On our happiness one car has stopped. -Come, we will bring you, — one old woman has called. And we in the car. In 5 minutes we were, as wet cats! The woman has told, he is the good driver. It will bring us (in salon there was still a young girl) and then you! We are glad: they were sent to us by angels! But the pleasure was not long! To our house remains a little, but the driver at first has carried other passenger, but only then us! We have left restaurant at 23.00.
Time already was 2 o`clock in the morning. The driver has got stuck on road: both to the right, and on the left, both back, and forward… That here there it was developed. In salon of the car we were, as on a roller coaster! His wife has called. And at us phone at all wasn`t.
Through some time we have fallen asleep. Have woken up — the same picture. And time already 5 o`clock in the morning. The woman who was with me already has started to worry about the husband. Especially, it such jealous (It come from Samarkand!) Have started to pray! At 5.30 it was possible to get under way! The car has gone.
Hurry up, hurry up…Go! But here to you still a gift. On road a traffic jump! It is necessary to find other way! Thanks, for GPRS.
Have found other way. And the woman has wanted to leave on road, it has already reached. — To me where to go? I at all don`t know the address.
- Ocean PK, Ditmas st. 540, 2J. Thanks for the Armenian.
(Driver). It has shown 540 house.
Has paid, and in good mood we have said goodbye.
Has found the button of a call and has pressed.
Has knocked at a door.
- The woman asks: -Yaxshi keldingizmi?
(You have normally reached?)
- Don`t ask ! All cool!
It has shown my room. And in the morning, I am called by the friend:
«Get ready today! We are going shopping and survey of the center of
New York, Manhattan.”
- Thanks you. Transfer, if it is necessary for Manhattan,
let itself at me comes to look. Bye!
- Hallo, hallo?..

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