Large-scale reforms in socio-economic, political, cultural and educational spheres that underwent in the years of independence as well as in Ferghana region led to the improvement of people’s prosperity, appearance change of our cities and villages. The important thing is that local citizens gained thinking change, raised cultural mode of life, deepened and broadened notion of rights and world vision.

It is not easy to realize the whole scale of revolutionary changes that occurred for the last 20 years and carry them through the heart out; also, to imagine development level of all spheres in our country, especially in our region for such a short historical time. The scale of work is so vast that it is difficult to imagine it at once.

The Regional Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment fulfilled good deeds in order that ferghana people could imagine striking changes that occurred because of independence, leave regional achievements in the pages of history with golden letters, take to future generation the step of creative work that has been accomplished for the 20 years of our country’s independence.

In accordance with all modern standards of book printing, the Council has already published the book named “Ferghana: Gratitude toIndependence” that is dedicated to a 20 year state independence of theRepublicofUzbekistan. The publication is opened by the President with the words regarding ferghana people who are used to set high tasks and objectives and possess courage and big energy. Ferghana citizens are confident and strong people; they are not afraid of any problems and trials. These people are worthy of respect and honor because of their fair work, initiative and enterprise.

The map, information about area, population, structure, nature and main leading branches of economy, industry and agriculture of the region and its administrative centers are highlighted on first pages of the book.

“As well as the sun is reflected in a droplet, positive changes and achievements in different spheres of life are referred to our region in the same way. It is important to recognize that every visit of the President of theRepublicofUzbekistanto Ferghana has been becoming a great event in our life leading to prosperity, town planning and organization of public services and economic growth. There are established new enterprises, accelerated the development rates of all economic branches and the GDP volume of the region is raised too. Margilan,Kokandand Ferghana have almost been rebuilt; our villages underwent deep changes in their appearance.”  It is all mentioned in regional governor’s (khokim) article named “Development and Progress years”

There are some articles that continue regional governor’s (khokim) thoughts and describe the history of our part, analyze development periods, great advances reached in the years of independence, broad-scaled creative and spiritual enlightenment works named “A thousand year history region”, “Total: economic sustainable life”. The “Development steps” part tells about industrial enterprises and joint ventures, small and average business subjects modernization, diversification results, production volume increase and its quality improvement, rise of competitiveness and demand on produced goods in the world market as well as positive changes in social spheres. We can find out a lot of interesting things from the other articles of the part named “The power of creativeness is possibilities of independence”, “On the way to healthy competition”, “Enterpriseborn by independence”, “Future within healthy life style”, “Pearl of Free Motherland”, “That beautiful town-Kokand”, “Communication and informatization are on a new stage”, “The gates to great opportunities”.

The part of “The youth is our hope” maintains an amazing story about advances that are reached in educational institutions of people education and also in children’s sports for the past 20 years.  12 academic lyceums and 144 vocational colleges have been built and begun their function in our region.   In addition, there were built 9 academic lyceums and 78 vocational colleges between 1998-2011 years and given to exploitation. Nowadays, 919 providing general education, 29 arts and music schools, 105 children’s sports centers, 5 higher educational institutions are in act supply our children with suitable conditions for successful study and all-round development.

The third part of the book named “Everyone is precious in this sacred motherland” is dedicated to the President’s resolution “About effective development of national idea propaganda regarding spiritual enlightenment work” regional fulfillment, literature, arts, the press, “Makhalla” and “Nuroniy” funds activities. A reader can perceive clear notion of reforms implemented in these spheres by looking through the articles as: “The spiritual propaganda is an important point”, “Attention to literature is actually attention to spirituality and future”, “The press and information keep up to date”, “The pilgrimage places of Ferghana”, “Submitting the world”.

The “Ferghana: Gratitude toIndependence” book is also considered to be the one made with a good style. Exclusive page-proofs, fine cover, modern style and high-quality printing paper are distinctive features of the issue. Over 550 pictures illustrate the facts and numbers showing us the life of the region from various points of view, eventually becoming a powerful, beautiful one. Looking through the pictures a reader imagines the region filled with people on their week-days and holidays, the people‘s prosperity reached in the years of independence, beautiful and charming nature of the land and ordinary people engaged in creative work and assured in tomorrow’s day. In brief, the publication lets us familiarize with Ferghana region achievements and advances achieved for the past 20 years of independence and make walk on the salutary and splendid land mentally.  This edition comprises the best works of such talented local photographers as: Shukhrat Olimov, Mashrabjon Sarimsakov, Mukimjon Kadirov and Sherzod Karabaev.

The book had been prepared by the “Ferghana” publishing house and then theTashkentprinting house of LLC “Sano standard” has published it in 2000 copies. It is necessary to note that the publication representing the data base made by workers, creative groups and designers combined, is the most significant one in a variety of good deeds dedicated to f 20 year independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Undoubtedly, the book will take a worthy place in Ferghana independence chronicles and also, it deserves to be a recognized historical event in the life of the region.

Shokhidbek ASLONOV.

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